Behringer has introduced two more not-so-subtle modernizations

Behringer has introduced two more not-so-subtle modernizations

Behringer isn’t going to back off in its push to clone exemplary synths. The organization has presented two more not really unpretentious modernizations, featured by the System 55 Modular Synthesizer (above). The Eurorack-accommodating structure incorporates in excess of 20 generations of modules from the unbelievable Moog 15, 35 and 55. It incorporates the essential blend of attenuators, channels and oscillators expected to reproduce that ’70s Switched-On Bach-like sound just as a Sequential Sequencer and another force supply module.

The RD-6, in the mean time, is a straight riff on Roland’s TR-606 drum machine. Behringer’s turn is well-known to fanatics of the ’80s apparatus superficially and is even intended to combine with the TD-3 (a clone of the TB-303), yet tosses in a couple of accommodating current contacts. You’ll locate an inherent mutilation unit, a profundity handle on the top board, 64-advance sequencing and enough line-outs for each “voice.”

There’s no word on explicit valuing or accessibility, however Synth Anatomy theorized that the modules will cost somewhere in the range of $49 and $99 each like on the System 100. Furthermore, when the TD-3 costs well under $200, the RD-6 could be cheap in its very own right.

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